Holiness & Justice 6: Walking together

This is the sixth in a series of 7 paintings I have made for Methodist Conference 2016, an introduction to the series can be found here.

With the previous painting in this series I wrestled with how we can live positively in a liberating manner when we are caught up in the unjust systems that hold sway in the world. This image points us towards one aspect of the answer to that question…

H&J 6 High Res


We do not need to wrestle with this alone, we do not need to grieve alone, and we do not need to stand alone: this is an invitation to walk forward together.

The stencil image is taken from Rublev’s icon of the Trinity . Created in the 15th century this icon invites us to participate in the community that is at the heart of who God is. It is a deep and powerful icon that I would strongly recommend taking time to pray and meditate with.

For me, using a spray paint stencil to depict a sacred image such as this liberates the piece from its usual context. No longer confined to sumptuous Churches with incense heavy in the air the image roams free. The black spray paint is thick and oily without the luminosity of the carefully and prayerfully painted icon, it can appear in an instant. An illicit image; the stencil could be found on a city back street or an abandoned building or appear overnight on the outside of a church building to be scrubbed off or painted over because it’s not in the right place and the powers that be don’t have control over it.

And from this image, where the sacred is displaced beyond the protective walls of the institution, community flows. The rich and complex spectrum of humanity walks together.



A limited edition series of A3 size high quality art prints of these are available for purchase signed by the artist. All profits from the sale of prints will go towards funding the creative at 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield.

Prices: £30 per print or £200 for the full set of 7. This is a strictly limited edition of 25 prints for each painting.

If you are interested in purchasing prints then please email me: rjstott@hotmail.co.uk

In addition the framed original paintings are for sale at £425 each.

All views on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Methodist Church



2 thoughts on “Holiness & Justice 6: Walking together

  1. Hi Ric
    Sunday evening I went to a service led by Rev Gill Hulme using your H&J prints. As requested by you, she asked us to engage with what the prints might be saying before reading your blog. The space at the table in Rublev’s icon tends to be interpreted as the space to which we are invited. A few thoughts crossed my mind: Are we too keen to get to the table – Shouldn’t we walk with the oppressed first? Who is the space at the table for – the last shall be first? Alternatively, we come to the table for the strength to walk with others.
    Every blessing
    Angie Allport

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