Seven Shrines of the Body: 1. Sacral


I have been working on an installation piece for the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham.

The piece consists of 7 shrines that are intended to enable us to explore what it might mean to use our whole bodies to explore spiritual experience. Each shrine relates to a particular part of the body and over the next few blog posts I will post images and a meditation reflecting on each one.

In my introduction to the piece I invite people to consider focussing on that region of the body and noticing what energy is held there, what experiences and memories are held there and what does it mean to encounter God in that part of your body?

The first piece resonates with the base of the spine, the sacral region that, for me has a solid and earthy feel. Helping to keep us grounded and secure.

Here are some images of the sacral shrine followed by the first meditation:


You form me from the ashes of stars,

And the weight of my body is the weight of my soul

As gravity binds me, may I come to discover that commitment to place and the experience of dust and dirt is liberation not incarceration.

And so may I live as Christ, grounded and rooted in this good earth.


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