D:Sign 10


At first i thought that this would be the most difficult image to light and shoot – but it turned out to be very straightforward, all the light comes from the lit match with no external lighting and I love the warm glow that it produces.

For me it begs the question of how we can deal with the darkness once our final match runs out..

One thought on “D:Sign 10

  1. I had really mixed responses to this one. My first was that s/he is in danger, boxed in and desperate and running out of options. And very alone. And I guess that is how life can feel at times. Isolation is a sad fact of many lives. Then I saw the flame and the warmth and comfort that would flow from it. Jesus, inhabiting the disaster and bringing life back to the scene. I often don’t face the darkness until the match has run out and I’ve nowhere else to turn, but then the resurrecting can begin.

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