D:Sign 1

Over the summer I was asked to produce a series of images for a new resource for the Methodist Church called D:Sign. You can find the website here

There are 12 that are availble as postcards. I have sought to make the images in such a way as to encourage different thoughts and ideas about their meaning. I will post one a month on here and welcome any thoughts, comments or discussion that they may provoke.

So here is the photo for September, let me know what you think…



2 thoughts on “D:Sign 1

  1. Hey lovely 🙂 What an amazing spiritual village we globally live in! ~ just browsing through Steve Taylor’s blog ~ so blessed by his input into our PhD week; a profound spiritual sanity in a week of academic confusion! ~ and found a link to you!! See you in the morning at ‘Crossroads’.Loads of love, Nel x

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