3 thoughts on “May your soul be as free as the ever new waves of the sea.

  1. Thank you for your beautiful work. I love the way that the beach in north wales matches the colour and texture of your Little One as [s]he returns to the earth.

  2. Thank you. Whenever I use clay there is a real sense of connection to the earth. I like the way, when using unfired clay like this, that it emerges from the earth, is transformed, and then returns. There is such beauty in the transience.Every blessing, Ric

  3. I shared these photos with my two boys, aged 5 and 7 this afternoon, cycling through the sequence several times. They are familiar with building elaborate sandcastles in a race against the tide. They were fascinated and it was intriguing to talk with them about beauty and love and the transience of real life.

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