The children sent out (2)

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Setting the figures out in an urban environment is quite a different experience to doing it out in the Peak District. Except for the odd rambler, there’s usually no one about so I can potter around without worrying what anyone might think. In the city centre, however, people are pushing past all the time – so I just have to get on with it.

It didn’t take me long to realise that it’s much easier to be invisible, or at least ignored, in the city than in the countryside. Whilst every passer by would chat to me out in the Peaks, hundreds of people must have walked around me as I scrambled around on me knees in the centre of Sheffield without even breaking their stride.

I’ve already started to receive photos of the figures out in the countryside (I left details of the project and my email address with them). It will be interesting to see if I get any photos from the more urban areas.

Here they are, some of the quiet and constant witnesses out in the city:

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3 thoughts on “The children sent out (2)

  1. I would love to have more information about the note that you left for people. Do you mind if this idea begins to go viral in Iowa in the US? I’ve been known to leave a sand stenciled peace sign or sand written words or phrases out and about, but I love the idea of the clay and the way these figures look out – seeing into US. Thanks for the inspiration!

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