The children sent out (1)

So the children have been sent out into the wilderness. It’s been quite an adventure distributing them around Sheffield and the surrounding area – with feelings of sadness (many of them I won’t see again) and exhilaration. It’s also led to some interesting encounters; notably a group of pensioners walking in the Peak District in full hiking gear who were fascinated by this woefully ill-attired arty type scrambling around in the mud. When I told them about my plan for the clay figures they were delighted and resolved to keep an eye on the one I was setting down as they walked by each week. I hope the other figures elicit the same delight when they are discovered.  

Here are photos of some of the figures I’ve sent out into the Peak District, I will post more pictures over the next few days. If you are near Sheffield and would like a list of the general locations of all 40 figures then drop me an email and you can see if you can find them.

This one looks sad to be left hidden away in a pile of rubbish:


Whilst this one is sheltered and cushioned in the damp clay I fear he will soon return to the earth:


This is the one I was most concerned about leaving. He won’t last long, exposed on the high rocks. But what a view as he melts into oblivion:


More information on the upcoming wilderness exhibition will be posted soon at

3 thoughts on “The children sent out (1)

  1. Hi Ric,Thanks for this. I love the photos, especially the one looking out across the landscape. It reminds me of Anthony Gormley – I saw his figures on the tops of buildings in LOndon. I also like what you said about the shadow – studying Jung myself at the moment, and have just finished an amazing book by Jungian scholar, David Tacey, called The Spirituality Revolution.Best wishes,Paul

  2. Aha, Jung and Gormley are two of my heroes – and this work certainly takes inspiration from some of Gormely’s work.I will look out for the book,Cheers,Ric

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