24 days of wonder (13): Waiting for the train

My train was delayed on the way home from London but beautiful music filled the space at St Pancras Station .


Tallulah Rendall and her band  were playing and this artist was painting as they did so. As I looked down on them with the music echoing amongst the vast steel arches it was a moment of wonder and beauty in the midst of cold and frustration. And if the train hadn’t been delayed I wouldn’t have experienced it.

24 days of wonder (12): Korean

Whilst I was waiting for my friend in her office I glanced along the bookshelves and one book stood out:


The Korean script looked beautifully alien amidst the other English books. I don’t know what it says but I love the golden shapes.  And whilst the language is alien to me – I am reminded that this sense of otherness is entirely relative. As the musician Ali Faka Toure says of his home town in Mali:

 ‘For most people when they think of Timbuktu it is at the edge of the world. But for us is it is the centre of the world’ 

24 days of wonder (9): Beautiful curve

Whenever I drive past this hill near my home I get a little burst of joy – I love the shape of the curve of the land.


I realise with this one I’m almost breaking my self imposed rule about no snow scenes but the shape is the same whether it’s white with snow, deep brown ploughed earth or vibrant with sunflowers; It’s the elegance of the gentle undulation that I find wond erful.

24 days of wonder (8): Symbiosis

I have a marine aquarium at home and have just bought a gorgeous maroon clown fish that has made a home in my anemone. Here’s a photo of them:


They’re an incredible pairing – the fish is immune to the anemone’s sting and so finds a safe sanctuary there whilst keeping the anemone clean as well as feeding it from time to time. It’s a real delight to watch them together.