24 days of wonder (24): Winter Solstice

Midday on 21st December:  the winter solstice.


The winter sun hangs so low in the sky. Even at its highest point I had to search the streets of Sheffield to find it shining between two buildings. It’s easy to see why this was a time of celebration for people who lived without the luxury of artificial light – in these dark days the night is at its longest, but now we can know that the light is coming back.

Coming back to bring warmth and life.

Coming back to chase away the long dark night.

At the moment the days are still short – but now, after the solstice, there’s hope that the darkness won’t last forever.


And that’s it for my 24 days of wonder. We’ve had pieces of rubbish and multimillion dollar films, natural beauty and urban landscapes. I hope in amongst it all you’ve found one or two things that are wonder-full for you. More importantly, I hope you’ve been encouraged to open your eyes and see wonders in the everyday around you.


I will post some reflections on the process in the new year but for now may you have a peaceful, and wonderful Christmas.

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